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Security system

RFID Finger Print Scanner

This biometric RFID fingerprint reader can identify users by fingerprints as well as through RFID identity cards. It features one of the fastest response times in its class and its fingerprint + card option can store fingerprint templates directly on the RFID card rather than requiring a system database.

Taraflex floor

The safety of a sports flooring depends on both its ability to absorb shocks and the type of sport being played. Accumulated traumas during sport may lead to fatigue fractures (long term injuries). The better the shock absorption, the less the risk of injury. Safe sport flooring helps reduce the risk of fatigue injuries and extends the time a sport may be played.

  1. Triple action protecsol

    • An 'intelligent' surface treatment, forming the ideal compromise between slide and grip for sports shoes. The floor provides safe grip and resistance as the athlete accelerates but allows the foot to move freely as they rotate.
    • A skin-burn free surface, on which the temperature during a fall is reduced by 25%, thus minimizing the risk of friction burns.
    • A surface that is cost effective and easy to maintain

  2. Durability D-max

    The D-Max™ surface complex is made up of calendared PVC sheets, reinforced with a fibre glass grid, ensuring outstanding resistance to wear and abrasion in glued down installations.

  3. Durability D-max +

    For the first time ever, the new D-MAX™ surface complex, made up of calendared PVC sheets, is now reinforced with two fibre glass grids, providing:

    • Outstanding dimensional stability for free-floating installations using the Eco-Fit™ System
    • An indentation resistance improved by 35% to increase the range of floor usage

  4. Comfort CPX HD

    At the moment of impact on the floor:

    • The light and elastic foam of the lower layer compresses totally in order to ensure comfort and safety.
    • The VHD foam of the upper layer remains firm, making the deformation trough around the foot two times larger for higher freedom of movement in rotation and secure foothold to minimize the injury risk.


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